Hi, I'm Niki, a UK fine art photographer specialising in black & white images of London. I always aim to capture the true character of the city, from its famous landmarks to its vibrant street-life.

BBC London Interview – The Thames, Archaeology and Mud

September 1st, 2016

It was great to be invited back onto BBC London’s Robert Elms show yesterday to be interviewed about my Thames foreshore exhibition at the National Maritime Museum.  I took along Eliott Wragg, one of the intrepid Thames Discovery archaeologists that I photographed for the project and a specialist in the fascinating layers of maritime history exposed at low-tide.  Dotun Adebayo’s perceptive and probing questions soon had us chatting in depth about the challenges of photographing these specialists deciphering the hidden history of the Thames.  Do have a listen to this 15 minute discussion.  We start at 00.38 into the show.



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