Hi, I'm Niki, a UK fine art photographer specialising in black & white images of London. I always aim to capture the true character of the city, from its famous landmarks to its vibrant street-life.

Why Use Colour in Black & White Prints? Read on…

March 26th, 2013

For years, I have photographed purely in black and white.  For me it suits London as a city, with its watery light, strong buildings and rushing people,  and as I always aim for form and line in my images, black and white focuses the eye on these elements beautifully.  But for the Park Plaza County Hall’s bedroom prints, adding a touch of colour seemed absolutely right.  Suddenly, the opportunity of reflecting the rich and warm colour palette of yellows and purples within the black and white, added a playful and stylish new dimension to my images.  Without going overboard with total technicolour, the gentle colouring of certain elements within the photograph  –  such as a sky or an item of clothing  –  threw the remaining black and white areas into dramatic relief, giving an unusual and interesting new look to some classic London images.  No cliched red buses here, just a coming together of complimentary tones to create an exciting painterly effect.  I still think pure black and white prints look wonderfully striking but there’s no doubt that in certain design settings, a touch of colour can work a treat  — definitely something to bear in mind for the future.


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Before and After: from Paris to London at Grosvenor House

December 13th, 2012

Grosvenor House didn’t want a complete re-vamp of their prominent ground-floor cafe, just a change of country.   Calling me in as a known specialist in London photography, they were keen to oust a series of French-themed prints in favour of images to immediately convey to hotel guests that they were sipping their coffee in the heart of Britain’s vibrant capital, not by the Champs-Elysees.  In this great celebratory year of the Diamond Jubilee and the 2012 Olympics, patriotism was the driving force, so it was out with the folie bergere dancers and in with Boedicea and the Horseguards.  It felt great to reclaim such a high-profile space for London!

And here you have it  —  the before and after photographs.

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