Hi, I'm Niki, a UK fine art photographer specialising in black & white images of London. I always aim to capture the true character of the city, from its famous landmarks to its vibrant street-life.

Magazine Feature on ‘City Life’ Exhibition

February 12th, 2014

The February edition of ‘The City Magazine’  — the stylish and informative publication for London’s business community — has a great 6-page review of my ‘City Life’ exhibition of photographs highlighting the amazing diversity of daily life within  The Square Mile.

Take a look at the full magazine and find page 18:


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First Photo-set as Artist-in-Residence at Guildhall Library

January 6th, 2014

My new commission as Artist-in-Residence at the Guildhall Library challenges me to come up with a new ‘photo-set’ of 26 images every 4 months focusing on the City of London  —  a subject matter that, for most people, conjures up images of suit-clad workers toiling away at computer screens.   However, a quick scroll through my City photographs soon revealed a very different side to daily life within The Square Mile, one featuring such varied activities as ice-skating, sun-worshipping, Morris Dancing and even romance.  It’s this relaxed, fun, recreational side of the City that’s become the theme for my first photo-set, on view until 11th April.  It’s a reminder that all those 380,000 workers who flood into the City every day, do take time off to enjoy the unique mix of ancient and modern buildings, streets, parks and squares that make up the City of London —  yes, there is life beyond the computer screen.

‘City Life: The Square Mile’s Many Faces’.

Do visit this Free Exhibition from January 6th to 11th April 2014.

Guildhall Library, Aldermanbury, London EC2V 7HH.

Tel: 0207 332 1868

Monday – Saturday: 9.30am – 5.30pm



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The Photo-set – Presentation with Punch

August 6th, 2013

Pick a theme and then watch it come to life in a uniquely eye-catching way.  This has been my experience with creating photo-sets for a range of clients.  It’s extraordinary how juxtaposing individually framed prints of varying shapes and sizes and installing them close together within a straight-edged configuration, can throw up wonderful dynamics between different images, whilst presenting an immediate, yet detailed overview of a subject.  I first used this form of presenting my photography in a project for P&O’s ‘Azura’ superliner in 2009 and it’s been popular ever since.  As a truly bespoke print format, it can be designed to fit any size of wall space, as well as cleverly encompassing many different facets of a subject.  Clients love this, as a photo-set has immediate impact as a large, varied artwork and yet offers plenty of detail, so that you never get tired of looking at it.

For my exhibition on the City Gardens Team at the Guildhall, a large photo-set was the obvious solution to how to show the incredible variety and scale of these urban gardeners’ work.  A photo-set of 26 prints in a configuration stretching 4.2 meters wide by 1.7 meters high became the exhibition’s centre-piece.  It’s been so successful as a form of presentation, that the Guildhall Library have decided to keep it in place, updating the prints with other images in due course, including further selections from my own London photography.  Watch this space…or should I say, spaces!

26-print photo-set for ‘The Green Team’ Exhibition at Guildhall Library.

8-print photo-set for P&O’s Azura superliner.

Photo-sets work really well in residential properties too:

To see more about photo-sets, do go to:


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Magazine feature on ‘City Gardens Team’ Exhibition & Book

July 19th, 2013

The influential glossy for London’s business community, ‘The City Magazine’, features a double-page, illustrated article in the July issue on my exhibition and book on the City Gardens Team.  It’s a great review and is very enthusiastic about the exposure of these world-beating ‘Secret Gardeners’ within The Square Mile’.

Take a look at the full magazine:


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Finding my ‘Green Team’ — out of necessity comes creativity.

June 2nd, 2013

Photographing people in the streets of London is still legal (provided you don’t snap the same people repeatedly, which qualifies as stalking) but there’s no doubt that in these litigious times, taking close-ups of people’s faces now carries more risk of complications.  That is, unless you get the subject’s permission.  This is often completely impractical in London’s busy streets but with my background in theatre, people and their activities are central to how I photograph the city.  For me, it’s all about showing London as a living city by capturing the changing lives and emotions of Londoners.  And how on earth do you do that without showing their faces?

After over a decade of photographing London, I was getting increasingly frustrated, feeling that now I should only capture the back of people’s heads  —  where was the drama and excitement in that?  One obvious way around this restriction was to find an interesting group of Londoners who would allow me to get up close without any legal retaliation.  I was also keen to try and reveal a hidden side to London, to photograph people who had not been put under the spotlight before.  Miraculously, the perfect opportunity literally popped up.  Walking by St. Paul’s, I was surprised by a man in green emerging from bushes with a wheel-barrow; a chance encounter that began my fascination with how an eclectic band of 30 or so men and women create natural beauty and tranquility in over 200 green spaces within the Square Mile.

In the City Gardens Team, I had found some unsung horticultural heroes whose extraordinary work gives so much pleasure to all who work or visit the City of London but who had never been consistently photographed.  The Corporation of London’s Open Spaces department welcomed my interest and after establishing that I was not a member of the paparazzi intent on sensationalism, consented to my photographing the Team’s day-to-day activities.   Thus began a thoroughly enjoyable 2-and-a-half years of unfettered access to this expert team of urban gardeners, with opportunities for close-ups galore.  The printed results can now be seen at an extensive free exhibition at the Guildhall Library until 26th July, along with an accompanying book.  Out of necessity truly comes creativity.


The accompanying book is available to buy from the Guildhall Library Bookshop:


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Tailored Reflections

September 17th, 2012

I was prowling around looking for photographs of London Fashion Week and came across this young gent in bowler hat and camel overcoat, obviously attracted by the traditional wares on offer in Jermyn Street.  It seems that great tailoring never goes out of fashion.

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