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The Photo-set – Presentation with Punch

August 6th, 2013

Pick a theme and then watch it come to life in a uniquely eye-catching way.  This has been my experience with creating photo-sets for a range of clients.  It’s extraordinary how juxtaposing individually framed prints of varying shapes and sizes and installing them close together within a straight-edged configuration, can throw up wonderful dynamics between different images, whilst presenting an immediate, yet detailed overview of a subject.  I first used this form of presenting my photography in a project for P&O’s ‘Azura’ superliner in 2009 and it’s been popular ever since.  As a truly bespoke print format, it can be designed to fit any size of wall space, as well as cleverly encompassing many different facets of a subject.  Clients love this, as a photo-set has immediate impact as a large, varied artwork and yet offers plenty of detail, so that you never get tired of looking at it.

For my exhibition on the City Gardens Team at the Guildhall, a large photo-set was the obvious solution to how to show the incredible variety and scale of these urban gardeners’ work.  A photo-set of 26 prints in a configuration stretching 4.2 meters wide by 1.7 meters high became the exhibition’s centre-piece.  It’s been so successful as a form of presentation, that the Guildhall Library have decided to keep it in place, updating the prints with other images in due course, including further selections from my own London photography.  Watch this space…or should I say, spaces!

26-print photo-set for ‘The Green Team’ Exhibition at Guildhall Library.

8-print photo-set for P&O’s Azura superliner.

Photo-sets work really well in residential properties too:

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